FACTC Promoting & Supporting Juniors in 2015!


FACTC will be offering a FREE club membership to ALL Junior Members in 2015!

This means the annual membership fee for a Junior will only be $35 and payable to the Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA).

Each Junior will be registered as a competitive member and therefore can attend all ACTA grounds and compete in all ACTA sanctioned competitions.


FACTC will be offering FREE Nominations for competition to ALL FACTC Junior Members in 2015!

FACTC will be offering discounted Nominations for competition to ALL Non FACTC Junior Members!

Non FACTC non junior member Nomination price will be 50% of the Open price for any given competition across all disciplines.

Junior trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place for all competitions across all disciplines.


FACTC will be hosting a SEZ Junior Coaching Clinic on Saturday 18th June 2016.

To be selected for the State Coaching Camp in September this event is a prerequisite.

View the 2016 SEZ Junior Coaching Clinic Memo for more details…


All Juniors must be registered ACTA Members, hold current Junior Firearms Permits and be active in the sport.

To give the best possible opportunity to Juniors, the Junior must not be part of any other high performance program within Australia nor be an active part of an International Team.

To register your interest please email factcsecretary@gmail.com and details will be provided once finalised.

FACTC…THE Club to be a member of in 2015!