Welcome to the FACTC

FACTC conducts regular DTL, Skeet and ISSF Trap Shooting competitions each month.

The club is also open to members for practice at the nominated times.

New members are welcome – Inquiries can be made in person, by phone, or here.

FACTC Joins SportsPass

FACTC is proud to announce that we have partnered with SportsPass for 2017, coming to you from 15 May 2017.  View and download our comprehensive SportsPass Membership Information Guide including online activation links.

Get Involved in Clay Target Shooting Guide

View and download our comprehensive How to Get Involved in Clay Target Shooting Guide


View the 2016 FACTC AGM Notice here and Nomination Form here.

Clay Target Shooting Competitions

View FACTC’s upcoming Shoot Programs

FACTC Range Rules

View the FACTC Range Rules

FACTC Club Rules

1.    All Members and Visitors MUST report to the office upon arrival and sign in.
2.    All Members and Visitors MUST act responsibly.
3.    Any unsafe behaviour or behaviour that damages Club property, personal property or wildlife WILL NOT be tolerated.
4.    Members or Visitors under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs ARE NOT permitted to handle a firearm. Such instances MUST immediately be reported to the Office.
5.    Members are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Members have an obligation to address any incidents that may occur or alternatively report these to the office so appropriate action can be taken or instruction given.
6.    Steel Shot is NOT TO BE USED anywhere on the FACTC grounds including the Field and Game ground and 5-Stand ground.
7.    Ear and eye protection is strongly recommended.
8.    Fully enclosed footwear is to be worn at all times during participation ie no open-toed shoes including thongs, sandals etc.
9.    Suitable clothing is to be worn at all times. Singlets, high cut shorts and camouflage clothing are not deemed suitable.
10.    Only Licensed FACTC Club Members who have completed the induction session, Licensed ACTA Full Competitive Members or Licensed Affiliates (ie F&G or SSAA Members) are allowed to shoot on the Club grounds.
11.    You MUST carry your Firearms Licence with you at all times you are in possession of a firearm. Your Firearms Licence, Club Membership Card or Visitors Pass MUST be presented to FACTC Staff upon request.
12.    Instruction of a Non Licensed person, or a person who is licensed but with no valid ACTA, FACTC or Affiliate Membership, is only permitted by an experienced Club Member (preferably a Committee Member) and prior approval MUST be sought from the office.
13.    Approved instruction given by a member MUST only be to ONE PERSON at a time, and only SINGLE loading of the firearm is permitted (single barrel shooting.) The person receiving instruction must not be left to shoot on their own. Instruction must not MUST NOT be conducted on a ground being used by other Members.
14.    Firearms are not to be left unattended anywhere around the FACTC grounds. 15.    Firearms are not permitted in the Clubrooms or Office at anytime.
16.    By Law, your firearms MUST be secured/locked away when not in use and your vehicles MUST be locked to further secure your firearms when not being used.
17.    Guns MUST NOT be in bags or slings on any of the FACTC grounds.
18.    It is a condition of Membership at FACTC that ALL Members MUST hold a current Firearms Licence for the duration of their membership and any changes to the status of the Firearms Licence must be reported to FACTC.
19.    Any incidents/accidents MUST immediately be reported to the FACTC Office. 20.    The Committee WIL TAKE ACTION against a member or visitor for any unauthorised activities, failure to adhere to safety rules or other reported incidents.